Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is war...

I really despise winter....i'm tired of getting colds...this is the second in a few weeks...I'm really tired of all this germiness...It's freakin' war man~
It really feels like it should be Thursday too...I say we should just keep the summer time and screw changing the clock ever again...yeah so what, there's not as much sunlight...that's freakin' life...
Anyways...I talked to a friend of mine whom I haven't talked with in a while. She was in a serious accident. I am glad she is ok. She's just a kind person...always has been, always will be ;) She put a smile on my face as usual.
The dogs are all wound up tonight..BoBo scratches you really hard when he wants attention....he won't stop at the moment...well..I should go and get some rest...my head feels like it may explode.
Ta ta and have a germ-free day tomorrow.
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