Thursday, March 26, 2009


Bearbo really doesn't fit on the chair anymore....He is sitting up with his feet on my lap in this pic...Beastly dog that he is....he loves his Mumma...
I still can't get him to shake for anything. He'll do everything I ask him, but he won't shake...He can sit, lay down, speak, get the toy, put it in my hand, sit pretty and fetch oh and go get Bug and get him....he is getting more brave the older he gets..he is also getting to be a smarty pants too...he looks out the window when he hears noises.
Well, BoBo is feeling better now too. I need to give him his booster...He is a bit more of a spaz than Bear so it ought to be interesting. I'm glad he's feeling better, between him and Bug Iwas getting worried :S
They're both feeling much better today. Bug actually got up and moved around for a bit :) YAY!
Well, I was going to work outside, however, it's I'm going to do some indoor home improvement. Ta ta and have an interesting day...where ever you may be.....
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