Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

I love Spring Break!!!! Wooot...kinda bummed...but only because I can't work on my outside stuff today it's still windy and dirty kind of. Ah well, I've
got plenty of inside stuff to do :D yeah!
I'm just devoting this whole week to finishing a schwad of projects. I've got two almost finished...can't work on the outside backsplash is almost done...gonna finish it and grout it later :D that is the project for the evening. My arm and back hurt from working on it yesterday. it's just in the corner and under a cabinet so it's hard to stand bent over for long...the reason it's not's a big f'n corner....ah'll be done in about an hour from now :D well, the tile...the grout will take another hour...
Well, I guess I'd better move my ass if I want to finish it. Ta ta and have a completed evening where ever you may be....
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