Saturday, March 21, 2009

Red Hair

I dyed my hairs last night....they turned ot incredibly red...well really more like vibrant I washed it a few extra time and sat with some lemon juice on my head for about 10 minutes this morning. I was contemplating calling off work....but I couldn't so I didn't :D The lemon juice toned it down a bit....thank God!
So now I'm back to being a very red head....woot~
I'm tired and I have a few projects that I have started and never completed...So this weekend is it....I'm going to finish up and get stuff done damnit.
I love to start's finishing them that I find difficult. I get bored way too easily....ah well....I guess I should quit procrastinating and get something done....Ta ta and have a red day....where ever ya be today.
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