Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ignorance is bliss they say.....I think ignorance is laziness and smallmindedness. I don't like when smallminded people assume things about where I live.
First I still recall that most ignorant people in this country think NM is part of Mexico....
second I think you should step outside your tiny little mildewed box and check out someplace else before you think it's funny to make fun of a place you've never seen before or just have a few persons (we won't mention names) skewed view of life of here....
Besides all of that I like checking out the border's better than watching tv and at 10:00 at night what the fuck else should I do?
Hmmmm I guess I could get online and try to get info out of other people about them and their lives only to turn around and not speak to again cause they really just wanted to be friends with the ex (oh unless to throw a dig out there) life is to busy for that shit...mental note to self...once an asshole always an asshole.
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