Thursday, March 26, 2009

Handwriting on the wall.....

Can you see the handwriting on the wall? Probably not much longer....did you know that handwriting in school is optional? It's up to the teachers if they want to teach it(at least in NM)....what the fuck?
I had one teacher tell me that she doesn't want to see her students handwriting as it is atrocious...well maybe if we didn't burden these teachers with them having to raise our children for us also they would find the time and want to teach something that every basic civilization needs in order to survive and prosper.
One of my friends had a teacher tell her a few weeks ago that her son didn't need to know how to spell....that we have spell check for that now.
Writing is an artform that is becoming extinct....I guess signing your name won't be needed much longer. Printing it will be ok until they decide that everything be computerized and then we will have generations of people who will have no other form of communication besides electronic....hope we don't have major solar activity from now till the end of time eh?
Are people really this simple? And if so...God, I can not wait for civilization to end...
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