Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here's where things need to happen in order to make those less fortunate be able to have a higher success rate.
Our government needs to take the school tax money and dump it into ALL the poor communities. We need to be able to teach these children how to succeed in life. They need way fucking better than what they have to even begin to see that it's possible for them. Quit giving money to colleges first....dump it in elementary schools, middle & high schools...If kids aren't excited about school from the beginning...more than likely they never will be.
The wealthier communities can take care of their own schools, they've been doing it all along. Let them fend for themselves and give aid where it is needed.
If we want our children to succeed we must give them the tools to succeed. We've dropped the buck on a few generations of less wealthy individuals because why? We see countless stories on how some special kids make it out and go on to have amazing careers. We see that these kids are somehow inspired by some activity or such outside of their realm. So why not change the realm where they spend 8 hours a day. Make it fantastic...bring the rest of the world to them. They should be afforded that if anything. We have the capabilities to do this for them....our children...our future..they deserve it.
Why hasn't our government done this? They know that these schools are suffering....that these children are not able to reach full potential because of their surroundings. If we want to give back to mostly but not just minority groups this would be the way to do it. Without it the chances for success are next to nil .....or is that what they hope for?
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