Thursday, February 12, 2009


Shazamm mo truckers....
You know I have this issue....with the Welfare system of our country. My issue being it is not there to help people at all, it's there to provide for people who want to live on welfare. And don't come back with you can only stay on it for so long. Bullshit. The people who live on welfare have a job indeed. Their job is to get that welfare check and they know how to work the system.
So...onward and forward....I go to get some help for my parents with their heating bill...and they can't help them. Mind you they are living on my Dad's pension and have hundreds of dollars worth of prescriptions and oxygen and such to pay for. But because they worked hard their whole lives and own things and my dad gets a decent pension (that while my mom worked made their lives comfortable) they are penalized by this welfare system for working hard. Wait isn't it supposed to be there to help people? That's what I was thinking.
It's not their to help you. You're screwed if you own anything nice. You're screwed if you're a hardworking person fallen on rough times.
Welfare is there to keep people who don't want to work in their place. Stuffed away in some shady corners of our communities rotting away in some sub-human existance they call life...not participating in the real world but cut off...because the government could care less if they make a better life for themselves. It's just a nice mass of people they can easily control.
Now, don't get your panties in a bunch. I know that their are a lot of people who need help and don't stay on the system. I see nothing wrong with needing help for a while, while you get on your feet. Sometimes, people really do need help. To all the other welfare fucks who live on the system....Do yourself and your children and their children's children a favor and make a way for yourself. This country was founded by people seeking freedom, hardworking people with big balls and you're dishonoring and undermining everything they did for us, no matter your heritage our ancestors shouldn't have toiled and suffered for nothing. Get up off your collective welfare asses help make this country stronger. You'll be amazed at how good it will make you feel.
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