Saturday, February 21, 2009


Can't I'm doing laundry and blogging. Sup?
I can feel spring coming....daylight is lingering a little longer than usual. Mmmmm....summer...
I can't wait to take my dogs hiking! It's going to be great fun. Bear is going to have a heart attack from pure pleasure I think....BoBo will probably end up being carried :)
I've been hooking up with some old friends on facebook....what a great site :D finding all my old cohorts! Good times! Just takes me back....funny times for sure!!!
My kid just laughs at our hair in the 80's, she thinks it's funny....she's all "Scene". I tell her she's soft core punk...slightly emo...LOL She's my fuzzy little bunny. Her new solo rocks! I'm excited for competition and recital!!!!
Well, I'm getting sleepy...tomorrow will be busy for sure....ta ta and have Super Saturday!!!!
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