Sunday, February 15, 2009


I may sound contradictory at times...but if you actually read what I say you'll realize that I truly believe in helping my fellow man. I also believe helping them doesn't always include handing them a check and saying good luck. Helping them see there's a whole wide world out there with a huge, open future.
See, the main problem with us humans is most people live in their own little bubbles. They don't see there is a different way to do everything. That you can make life work for you rather than working for life.
I'd rather hand someone some knowledge that would give them incentive to want more (out of life, not things)....but I also realize that there are many, many people who truly need help in life and our society does nothing to help them move up even one rung on our ladder of society. These are our sisters and brothers, our fellow countrymen. We're letting our own down....we have been for a long time.
We are after all all human beings. We are one, whether you like it or doesn't matter. What matters in the end is how you, yourself treated others. Whether you shed the fear and got up and made a difference. Check on your neighbors....give a helping hand when you can. Do something for someone else with no ulterior motives other than the fact that it needs to be done. Start that ripple...
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