Saturday, February 14, 2009

natural health

I captured this little fellow this summer sitting on some brush outside my livingroom window. I still haven't gotten a great shot of a hummingbird yet...I will this spring & summer.
So my main topic today is natural health care. Before you roll your eyes. Realize that we come from the earth...via God....the plants and things on this earth are for our benefit. I truly believe that we can make a huge difference in our health by taking care of our bodies in a natural holistic way.
My newest kick...and one I'll probably continue forever because I'm thoroughly amazed at the results....Oil Pulling....Look it up...It really has made a difference and I've only been doing it for about three weeksish...I was lazy the past few days...and I caught a cold.
Let me tell you the first amazing teeth are incredibly white....amazing mouth feels uber healthy...second amazing thing...when everyone else got really sick the week before last...I caught it also...but my symptoms were much less severe. I just got the headache, lost my voice, a few aches...other than that I felt great. Third, but not skin is amazing....I'm talking amazing difference. So anyways...I give if 5 stars! Try takes a little getting used to...but really isn't so bad....I don't really care for the sesame oil....anyways....look it up at earth clinic or anywhere else. I highly recommend it.
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