Friday, February 13, 2009


Ahh...I did not do much today...I'm going to clean up a bit in a moment. I'm just tired. Had to take a break. Woke up not feeling so hot and figured I could use a rest. I slept was nice....went grocery shopping for the parental unit and came home and chilled. I like it. Haven't been this lazy in a while. Oh....I did do laundry...that had to be done...can't let that go~
Poor Mark Mark's bike quit working today while on vacation to ride his bike! I feel bad.
Ah well, I guess I'm just gonna chill and go to bed early. Saturdays are long sometimes.... :D I'm taking some photos after classes tomorrow. I love to take pics of dancers...they're one of my favorite subjects.

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CLAY said...

The dance in the first picture is amazingly beautiful--auroraheidialis-do you dance as well?