Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hola and good evening....This week has been nice and busy...just the way I like it. I started using the nordik track arse is killing me today....overdid it a bit eh?!
I seriously need to set aside some time to do some of Bug's senior's getting late in the year. Maybe on Sunday after trio practice?! I still can't believe my "baby" is 18! I'm worried now like I was when I was pregnant with her....damn these life stages :D It's scary to imagine her leaving home.....I'm not quite ready for it I don't think. I guess I should prepare myself eh? What am I gonna do? It will be weird and lonely without her...who will I yell at to get their school work done? LOL! My house will stay clean which is a plus! Goats! I probably will never yell again in my life :D Sweet!
Ah well, such is life....well, I'm gonna go check out some jackets for work....maybe paint....haven't done that all week. Well, ta ta and have a wonderful evening where ever you may be.
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Kati Sue* said...

I'm learning myself just how fast they grow up.. and I agree, it stnks!!