Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I've been lazy about my blog lately. Well, I really haven't been lazy at all. I've been extremely busy making things in my spare time. I'm still not quite done with everything I wanted to make for everyone, however I am close. I have knitted my freakin' fingers to the bone man.
Well we took some time out of our busy schedule a few days before Christmas for our family portrait (above) and thankfully it had snowed a bunch (yes that is a bunch for us...don't laugh). The dogs loved it! Bobo is gaining weight but not height, Bear is just a moose with huge ears. If they get much bigger we'll have to do something about it so he doesn't blow away in the spring winds!
Christmas was very nice with the family we had here, however, I just really miss everyone a lot, I have three great-neices & nephews that I've never seen and people I just haven't seen in forever. So that kind of takes a little happiness away from the holidays.
I lost my purse a few weeks ago and forgot to go get a new license so I couldn't go anywhere last night :( but we had some fun at home. My little dogs are absolutely, completely, utterly terrified of fireworks. We took them outside with us and I thought they ran away....I found them huddled under a chair on the porch together. I opened the door and they bolted inside like the sky was falling around them. Poor doggies :) It was a funny sight though!
I'm excited about the new year. It's 2009 and what a beautiful time to be alive. We are witnessing historical events that will be told for generations to come. I find it extremely captivating. I'm excited about this years' recital. It is going to be awesome!!!! We'll be holding auditions before you know it!
We're doing an extra show this year for our solos, duos and ensembles. I'm very excited about that! It's going to be held in April. The kids have been working hard this year and I can't wait to see all their dances perfected....Ooohh..
Thanks to Barbara, I'm addicted to painting now. She bought me a little acrylic kit for Christmas and I've been painting ever since, today is a knitting day however.....I'm serious! :D I will post some pics later of my paintings. I've done some dancers from recitals gone past and some sunflowers, my current painting is still in sketch's Naia's solo from two years ago. One of my favorite photographs.
Well, I should probably quit being a lazy ass and get on with life.....
Here's to everyone finding your own peace, happiness, and love within yourselves so that you may spread the joy to others. Happy New Year!
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Kati Sue* said...

Great picture! I totally missed your blog last month.. slacker!!