Saturday, January 3, 2009

For the LOVE of DOGS

:D I can 't wait until they outgrow the chewing and accidents in the house stage...Here they are destroying yet another bath scrunchie....Bear is uber smart. He watches where you put the bath scrunchies and toilet paper, then he goes and gets them out when we're not here or busy and destroys them....then BoBo joins in on the fun.....
other than that they're extremely amusing to have around. I never had a dog that played fetch before....Bear loves it....BoBo just chases Bear and bites him for fun. BoBo is on food restriction now....we've decided he'll probably be very small since he's only gotten about and inch taller (maybe). Unfortunately he has grown very wide because we've been feeding him like he was a big dog like bear. We think BoBo is part chow part pug/pomeranian?? Anyways....he's fat! He snorts and breathes all heavy when he attempts to run. He's not happy about the food restriction. He keeps barking at me for more.....poor little fatty!
Well, it's snowing again in Farmington....I like when it snows here. Everything looks so pretty and clean....Even though we're being inundated with lead and mercury from the powerplants through our pretty little snowfall. It's still pretty to look at.
I made some awesome soup yesterday. I was going to make chicken noodle soup but I didn't have any carrots so I added spinach instead and voila.....I call it green chicken noodle soup. It is most awesome AND I made some focaccia bread to go along with it. I made two loaves one with parmesean and herbs and the other with cheddar and jalepeno....Bear thoroughly enjoyed the cheddar and jalepeno....the bastard! Stole it right off the table. He really likes to eat....he's just like Sunny girl.
I think I will make some bread bowls today...maybe...we'll see....If I do I have to get rid of some of them. Bug and I can't eat eight of them. And I'll have to make more soup for them....hmmmmm....chicken enchilada soup? Yum Yum...
Ok, I'm really hungry right now, so I'm gonna go eat before I decide to make more food. Love and Peace out to you on this wonderful winter day.

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