Monday, January 5, 2009

Bucktoothed Bear

Here's Bear with his new front teeth and the others falling out.....he's a dork.
But then am I....
It's so very cold outside. It snowed again tonight....We've had so much more than I've ever seen here!
I can't wait until spring.....giant gusty breezes with warm spells in between......the russian olives are very thick around where I live and the sweet smell they give off is amazing....if it gets too warm it's almost overwhelming....
the birds.....even though they wake me up in the morning (not a morning person) I love to hear them.
Ah....spring....a few more months and we'll be there.....
Anyways, today was a great day back to work! YAY! I got a lot done and still have more to do, but I'm feeling great about it all! I always look forward to spring and's my favorite time of year.
Well, I'd better get ready for bed...Tuesdays are long....Ta ta & have a groovy night where ever yer layin' yer pretty little head.....or big head if you're Dawn.
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