Thursday, January 22, 2009

I just really have no words for the last week...

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but this is about how I'm feeling....ta ta and have an agressive evening where ever you may be taking up space tonight.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Today was a wonderful day...I got some good news today.....I'm pretty happy about it...I'll tell ya more about it later. I'm still processing.
It was a busy Monday as usual...I got a lot done today. Hopefully I will have the majority of my pile done (wishfully thinking here) will try anyways :D
Barbara says she's not going to walk at her graduation....insane I tell ya...All that hard work and no recognition at the end?! I will make her do it so we have photos of it to hang on her walls for her kids to see and be so proud of!
We really do need a girls night out soon.....I feel like dancing :D
Well, I should go and get some stuff done....I'm trying to be mindful of how I spend my time. Being on here is fun, but not always productive. Well, ta ta and have a wonderful evening where ever you may be this evening.
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

El dog

Well now, it seems Mr. Bear seems to think he is a small dog (yes, one of those dogs) He is constantly trying to and getting in the chair behind me...and there isn't enough room for the both of us MarkMark had a good idea...give him his own he is....BoBo got bit when he tried to share.....he's underneath chewing Bugs shoe.
Now Bear is not completely happy with this set-up as you can see from his expression....he wants to sit with his mom....he is still trying to get in the chair with me.
It's nice and sunny out today....I hope it stays this way for a while. I do like the snow outside my window though...I open the curtain when I use the nordik trak and it looks cool :D lol. Speaking of....I'm going to get some exercise now....Y'all have a nice day y'hear?!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hola and good evening....This week has been nice and busy...just the way I like it. I started using the nordik track arse is killing me today....overdid it a bit eh?!
I seriously need to set aside some time to do some of Bug's senior's getting late in the year. Maybe on Sunday after trio practice?! I still can't believe my "baby" is 18! I'm worried now like I was when I was pregnant with her....damn these life stages :D It's scary to imagine her leaving home.....I'm not quite ready for it I don't think. I guess I should prepare myself eh? What am I gonna do? It will be weird and lonely without her...who will I yell at to get their school work done? LOL! My house will stay clean which is a plus! Goats! I probably will never yell again in my life :D Sweet!
Ah well, such is life....well, I'm gonna go check out some jackets for work....maybe paint....haven't done that all week. Well, ta ta and have a wonderful evening where ever you may be.
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Bucktoothed Bear

Here's Bear with his new front teeth and the others falling out.....he's a dork.
But then am I....
It's so very cold outside. It snowed again tonight....We've had so much more than I've ever seen here!
I can't wait until spring.....giant gusty breezes with warm spells in between......the russian olives are very thick around where I live and the sweet smell they give off is amazing....if it gets too warm it's almost overwhelming....
the birds.....even though they wake me up in the morning (not a morning person) I love to hear them.
Ah....spring....a few more months and we'll be there.....
Anyways, today was a great day back to work! YAY! I got a lot done and still have more to do, but I'm feeling great about it all! I always look forward to spring and's my favorite time of year.
Well, I'd better get ready for bed...Tuesdays are long....Ta ta & have a groovy night where ever yer layin' yer pretty little head.....or big head if you're Dawn.
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The Gloom....

I take a ton of photos in the summer because they cheer me up when it's cold and gloomy outside. Like today....blah is the word for the weather today in good old Farmington.
Today is the first day back to classes so I'm excited about that! This semester will be an awesome one and I'm excited to see everyone....haven't seen many people at all since the will be nice.
Bug is excited to get back also....she's been itching to dance for a few days now.
Well, the day isn't going to wait for I'd better get a move on and just do it....Ta ta and have a splendid non-gloomy day where ever you're at ;D
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yummy Winter Dinner

Yesterday I made some italian bread bowls (Next time it's whole grain or something yummier). I also made my own chicken enchilada soup! We ate it today because friends invited me over for an awesome dinner last night.
Well, I will share my yummy recipes....I know why people don't make their own bread's very time consuming and most women I know don't have time for it...however....everyone should try it at least once in their lives. It's nice to know that it can still be done and taste 100 times better than the stuff you buy in the store!
Ok, the bread first:

I found this on the web and tweaked it a little...

2 packets of 1/4 yeast
2 1/2 cups of warm (not hot, not cold) water
2 teaspoons of sea salt
2 tablespoons of olive oil
7 cups of flour (white) if you want italian
1/4 cup of corn meal....which I forgot
1 egg white
1 tablespoon water

In a large bowl, let the yeast dissolve and stand until creamy like 10 minutes
add your salt, olive oil and 4 cups of flour and beat until mixed well. Stir in the rest 1/2 cup at a time until well blended
Turn it out onto a lightly floured surface and knead until elastic and smooth ( about 6-7 minutes)this is hard work!)
Put the dough into a lightly oiled, large bowl and cover with damp cloth...put this in a nice warm NOT HOT place (if it's too hot it will kill the yeast!) someplace draft free. Let double in size...about 45 minutes.
Punch the dough down and separate into 8 pieces.
Form those pieces into round balls about 4" across
Put these on a lightly oiled baking pan
Cover and let rise about another 35 minutes or until doubled in size
Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees
Beat egg white and 1 tablespoon cold water in small bowl.
brush top of bread and bake bread 15 minutes. Brush the bread again and bake 10-15 more minutes.
Cut off tops and hollow out and fill with favorite soup!

Now the soup....
I made this one up thought it would be yummy...
3-4 pieces of med-lg size chicken
8 cups of water
1 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
1 teaspoon red pepper
1 teaspoon black pepper
3 tablespoons chicken base or substitute
1 large onion
small mushrooms (just because I like them) enchiladas don't generally have them in them
2 small cans of green chile or fresh is great
one can cream of chicken soup
I made mine in the crockpot and let it cook overnight and added the soup about an hour before....I also thickened it up with some cornstarch.
Put in your bread bowl (or whatever) add cheddar cheese or whatever condiment you like on top and voila! A great soup for a cold, dreary, winter day.
Well, i'm off to do some more cleaning to this old place....Can't stand clutter, especially in the winter. Ta Ta and have a super Sunday where ever your at today!
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

For the LOVE of DOGS

:D I can 't wait until they outgrow the chewing and accidents in the house stage...Here they are destroying yet another bath scrunchie....Bear is uber smart. He watches where you put the bath scrunchies and toilet paper, then he goes and gets them out when we're not here or busy and destroys them....then BoBo joins in on the fun.....
other than that they're extremely amusing to have around. I never had a dog that played fetch before....Bear loves it....BoBo just chases Bear and bites him for fun. BoBo is on food restriction now....we've decided he'll probably be very small since he's only gotten about and inch taller (maybe). Unfortunately he has grown very wide because we've been feeding him like he was a big dog like bear. We think BoBo is part chow part pug/pomeranian?? Anyways....he's fat! He snorts and breathes all heavy when he attempts to run. He's not happy about the food restriction. He keeps barking at me for more.....poor little fatty!
Well, it's snowing again in Farmington....I like when it snows here. Everything looks so pretty and clean....Even though we're being inundated with lead and mercury from the powerplants through our pretty little snowfall. It's still pretty to look at.
I made some awesome soup yesterday. I was going to make chicken noodle soup but I didn't have any carrots so I added spinach instead and voila.....I call it green chicken noodle soup. It is most awesome AND I made some focaccia bread to go along with it. I made two loaves one with parmesean and herbs and the other with cheddar and jalepeno....Bear thoroughly enjoyed the cheddar and jalepeno....the bastard! Stole it right off the table. He really likes to eat....he's just like Sunny girl.
I think I will make some bread bowls today...maybe...we'll see....If I do I have to get rid of some of them. Bug and I can't eat eight of them. And I'll have to make more soup for them....hmmmmm....chicken enchilada soup? Yum Yum...
Ok, I'm really hungry right now, so I'm gonna go eat before I decide to make more food. Love and Peace out to you on this wonderful winter day.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009


A few of my latest creations....the first one is acrylics on canvas for Dawn. The second one is a gift box because I ran out of canvas ;D I'm working on Bug still and almost done with my cd case will's turning out nice. I'm also working on an altoids tin. Well, I have a list a mile long of things to do so I'd better hop to it....ta ta and have a sparkly evening where ever you may be this first evening of the year...
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Happy New Year!

I've been lazy about my blog lately. Well, I really haven't been lazy at all. I've been extremely busy making things in my spare time. I'm still not quite done with everything I wanted to make for everyone, however I am close. I have knitted my freakin' fingers to the bone man.
Well we took some time out of our busy schedule a few days before Christmas for our family portrait (above) and thankfully it had snowed a bunch (yes that is a bunch for us...don't laugh). The dogs loved it! Bobo is gaining weight but not height, Bear is just a moose with huge ears. If they get much bigger we'll have to do something about it so he doesn't blow away in the spring winds!
Christmas was very nice with the family we had here, however, I just really miss everyone a lot, I have three great-neices & nephews that I've never seen and people I just haven't seen in forever. So that kind of takes a little happiness away from the holidays.
I lost my purse a few weeks ago and forgot to go get a new license so I couldn't go anywhere last night :( but we had some fun at home. My little dogs are absolutely, completely, utterly terrified of fireworks. We took them outside with us and I thought they ran away....I found them huddled under a chair on the porch together. I opened the door and they bolted inside like the sky was falling around them. Poor doggies :) It was a funny sight though!
I'm excited about the new year. It's 2009 and what a beautiful time to be alive. We are witnessing historical events that will be told for generations to come. I find it extremely captivating. I'm excited about this years' recital. It is going to be awesome!!!! We'll be holding auditions before you know it!
We're doing an extra show this year for our solos, duos and ensembles. I'm very excited about that! It's going to be held in April. The kids have been working hard this year and I can't wait to see all their dances perfected....Ooohh..
Thanks to Barbara, I'm addicted to painting now. She bought me a little acrylic kit for Christmas and I've been painting ever since, today is a knitting day however.....I'm serious! :D I will post some pics later of my paintings. I've done some dancers from recitals gone past and some sunflowers, my current painting is still in sketch's Naia's solo from two years ago. One of my favorite photographs.
Well, I should probably quit being a lazy ass and get on with life.....
Here's to everyone finding your own peace, happiness, and love within yourselves so that you may spread the joy to others. Happy New Year!
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