Monday, December 1, 2008

Tis the Season....for trampling people to death over a good "deal"

Well now, how about the poor dude who was trampled to death at wally world!!!? What the f@ck is wrong with people? I've decided that I'm through with this commercilized, vamped out version of Christmas. I'm not the kind of person who obsesses over money. Yeah, it's nice to have, you don't need it to make you happy. This poor man lost his life so that some assholes could get a good deal on more CRAP from wal-mart. Cheaply made things (ever wonder why it's so cheap?) sold cheaply led to this man's early demise. walmart is evil and so are the shoppers who mowed him down.
Anyways....I bought my dog a new toy and haven't seen him since! Success! Well, I want to see him, however, I want him to chew on the toys and not everything else in the house. I came home to my room being trashed again! Clothes and shoes everywhere, he got into a box of my art paper and chewed some of that up. Little paper bits all over my floor. What a turd! :D I guess I will clean it up before I start to work. Ta ta and have a smoosh free evening where ever you are (hopefully not at a walmart:)
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