Thursday, December 4, 2008

Please Stand By....

Technical difficulties have arisen this morning and my hat making video is not quite done yet. I will post at some point today hopefully :D
Let's just start with what we need for this project!
1. Yarn, if you have never knitted or used a loom before use a yarn that is not so fuzzy or decorative because you won't be able to tell where you're at.
2. Knitting loom, you can find these at almost every craft store. They usually come in a multi-size pack...the hook and needle usually accompany the loom.
Knitting on a loom is easy and fun! You can make a hat in about an hour...unless you've got ADD, then it may take a bit longer.
I will show you how to knit a hat using double pointed needles at a later date. It's a little more difficult, but more versatile than the loom as far as hats go. Ok, there's a life to be had so I'm off and running now! Ta ta and have a super day where ever you are in the world.
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