Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Boys....

Well, these two are getting along a little better now, Bear is still slightly jealous of Sir Bo Bo, however, they seem to enjoy playing together for the most part....It's hard to remember Bear is a puppy too when he is so much bigger than BoBo....he is a rowdy boy! They are playing now....BoBo is under the ski machine (which has a 5" clearance) and Bear is trying to get him, but his head doesn't fit....good fun!
I had a good, productive weekend. attended the craft fair, cleaned the house, went and had fun with some friends. It was a great weekend altogether. I'm finishing up things that need to be mailed now. I'm such a freakin' procrastinator sometimes....
Like now. Ok, I'm going to work on the video and see if I can't get it edited down some more today. Ta Ta and have a groovy day where ever ya be today!
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Please Stand By....

Technical difficulties have arisen this morning and my hat making video is not quite done yet. I will post at some point today hopefully :D
Let's just start with what we need for this project!
1. Yarn, if you have never knitted or used a loom before use a yarn that is not so fuzzy or decorative because you won't be able to tell where you're at.
2. Knitting loom, you can find these at almost every craft store. They usually come in a multi-size pack...the hook and needle usually accompany the loom.
Knitting on a loom is easy and fun! You can make a hat in about an hour...unless you've got ADD, then it may take a bit longer.
I will show you how to knit a hat using double pointed needles at a later date. It's a little more difficult, but more versatile than the loom as far as hats go. Ok, there's a life to be had so I'm off and running now! Ta ta and have a super day where ever you are in the world.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My cousin has inspired me to do more with my blog, so you will be seeing some changes to this place in the upcoming weeks. I have a craft fair this weekend so I haven't spent much time on the old computer of late. Priorities are a plus and a hassle all at once. I've been knitting like a freak! I'm working on craft fair stuff and christmas stuff. I have Kati's stuff almost done and Cara's stuff almost done and a few other things here and there. Holy shit! I should get the mailing stuff done by Sunday hopefully and then work on people who will be here for Christmas done in the next few weeks. I've picked out some fabulous yarns for everyone so far....I just need to make it all or finish it all now. I had made some leg warmers for Serenity but they turned out looking like something a clown would wear (too many bright colors in one yarn) I opted for the soft fuzzy pink yarn instead and they turned out awesomely. Ah well, off to make some more hats! Tomorrow I will start on my hat making tutorial an easy and lovely christmas present for the crafty person to make! Well, off to work....ta ta and have a most inspired evening where ever you may be tonight.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bat Bear

Hola and good evening. Today was a crazy and full day for sure. Lot's o' things to do....
still not done with everything and I thought for sure I'd be done with most of it.
Well, tomorrow is another day and I shall endeavor to get it all done then. I'm going out to Jen's in the morning to help paint. Life is busy this time of year. It's good, takes my mind off the cold.
Bear is a crazy dog. He is getting so big. Well, I have work to do so I'd better get a move on. Happy evening folks!
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La la la tuesday morning rambles....

Well, the little Bear still likes to chew on other things, but really loves his new chew toy. He just brought me one of Bugs bras. He likes to bring things to my room.
Bug has decided she wants to audition for Disney. I'd rather have her go to college first, but she needs to do what she needs to do....and then again she may change her mind again...who knows...Well, I'm off to have a day....ta ta and have one too.
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Tis the Season....for trampling people to death over a good "deal"

Well now, how about the poor dude who was trampled to death at wally world!!!? What the f@ck is wrong with people? I've decided that I'm through with this commercilized, vamped out version of Christmas. I'm not the kind of person who obsesses over money. Yeah, it's nice to have, you don't need it to make you happy. This poor man lost his life so that some assholes could get a good deal on more CRAP from wal-mart. Cheaply made things (ever wonder why it's so cheap?) sold cheaply led to this man's early demise. walmart is evil and so are the shoppers who mowed him down.
Anyways....I bought my dog a new toy and haven't seen him since! Success! Well, I want to see him, however, I want him to chew on the toys and not everything else in the house. I came home to my room being trashed again! Clothes and shoes everywhere, he got into a box of my art paper and chewed some of that up. Little paper bits all over my floor. What a turd! :D I guess I will clean it up before I start to work. Ta ta and have a smoosh free evening where ever you are (hopefully not at a walmart:)
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Good Day

Hola and what's happenin? Working on some stuff and getting laundry done here. What a lovely long weekend! I didn't get much rest except for yesterday and that's only because I had no energy yesterday to actually do anything. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday and it was a good one this year...well except Barbara and her family didn't get to come over.
I still haven't seen any eagles yet either....what the hell?
Well anyways. Jen & Ken's place was looking good when I left there on Saturday. I hope it doesn't take them too long to finish it. Holla if you want some more help dude!
I have a viscious cold that won't leave me alone :( I have sneezed way too many times today....I wish I could take something besides vitamins for this. Well, I could take a benadryl and pass out, but I've got to go to work early today so that won't do at all. Hmmmmm.
Well, I hope every one has a lovely day, no matter where you're back to today.
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