Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, the dentist was fun last night. I love our dentist, he is really nice. I miss Ole though
he was a great dentist! Well, our new one is pretty good too, Bug didn't scream or cry.
I'm so proud of her. She's even brushing her teeth right now. I made her pay for the dentist trip. I'm really pissed she had to have a tooth pulled. Up until I bought my car her mouth was the most expensive thing I've ever bought. She let it go because she said she was afraid to tell me. She was afraid to pay for it is more likely the answer. I told her last time no more cavities or she'd be paying for them. I'm still amazed she let it get that bad. Turd head.
I was telling someone how we came to live here yesterday. And she was shocked.
I always get the same response from people ;D It's amusing to me.
One of these days I'll have the urge to do it again. I like a good adventure and I like to perform the impossible. I actually thrive on people telling me I can't accomplish things. It makes me work like 50 times harder. I'm a weirdo...and I love me. Well, I'm going to ge t some stuff done. I'm glad it's Thursday. Going to try to get everything wrapped up today so tomorrow is easier.
Well, cheerio and have an exciting day where ever you're taking up space.
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