Sunday, November 9, 2008

Suck my blog...

I'm in an ornery mood today. I slept in like a mother f*r and it felt great. Now I'm wide awake and ready to cause trouble :D
Steelers play in a bit!!!! Woot! I'm gonna go visit for a while. I haven't done that in a long time. Bad kid!
I got the bug some stuff from Avon she wanted and I left it at the studio. I was gonna go down there but I'm just not wanting to today. I need to call Lisa and tell her how to use the machine. I love our floor scrubbers. They clean an amazing amount of stuff off the floors. Our floors take a beating let me tell you :D
I tried some dog whisperer shit out on my dog and it worked man! He's a turd in the car, he almost made me wreck the other night. He stuck his head in the steering wheel as I was turning it. I almost hung him, had to stop the car. So now when we ride in the car, he sits in the middle by himself. He cried for a couple minutes over it but he will learn to enjoy himself one of these days.
Ah well, I'm gonna do some more laundry and get ready to go. I need to clean my vehicle today too, I never got to it on Friday. of course it's looking like rain. Never fails. That's why I don't wash it :D Every time I do it rains just enough to mess it up. Every single time. Grrr....well need to clean it anyways. So ta ta and have a beautiful day where ever your chillin'.
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