Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday :D

Saturday again already. This week just flew by. I bought some fabric softner thinking that maybe after 15 years I'm not allergic to it anymore. But alas, I am and now I need to rewash all my stuff. I'm so very itchy!!!! Grrr.....but I smell good and my clothes are soft :D
So I'm home early to take care of the problem. Oh and I'm pretty happy I found my battery charger, I left it in the console of the truck!!!! YAY!!!
Bear is excited I'm home, he was busy chewing stuff up while I was gone today. Today, I will get a bunch of stuff done around here. I really didn't get much accomplished yesterday besides work stuff. Bummed me out a little but oh well, there's always today....and I'm a good procrastinator so it's all good...itchy...
Well, I'm off to do some work, so ta ta and have a fabulous Saturday, where ever you may be relaxing or working this day ;D
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