Saturday, November 22, 2008

Love the weekend....

Well, it's Saturday and I'm cleaning my house. I just scrubbed the kitchen floor....goats...I don't understand how it gets so dirty....anyways....nothing like having a clean house and I have a bug up my butt about it it's getting done.
I've been so tired this week. I have also been working my little fingers to the bone....I've been knitting like a has been busy this week too...I like it....I need to start working on the stone sculpture for recital. I'm thinking I could do it over the break this week. That way it is done and finished and one less thing I need to worry about in the near future.
I've been blown off yet another weekend so I guess I'll just work and get a bunch of stuff done...onward and forward...It's a beautiful day I'm going to get the house finished today and work in the yard tomorrow. Yardwork always makes me feel better....I can't wait until the next craft sale....I need to get busy :D Well, ta ta and have a groovy weekend where ever ya are :D
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