Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eye see

Well, Thanksgiving is just a mere two days away. I'm going to start marinading the one turkey tonight I think. It's the "Year of The Beer....Turkey". I'm excited about it I found a recipe on line for it. I made some kick ass fajitas this summer (on the advice of the Mexican dudes that own the store by the studio). They make excellent food! Anyways I was told by them the secret to fajitas is beer and they were completely right...I'll take advice from cooking Mexican food from them any day....
So, anyways...I'm going to try it out on one of my turkeys and we'll put it to the test. I hope I have enough beer....ok, well I really have to scrub the carpets tonight so I'd better get off this thing....ta ta and have a groovy evening....where ever you're being cozy tonight.
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