Sunday, November 2, 2008

Clean house

Well, I spent most of this day cleaning. My house smells so very good right now. Bear peed in front of me twice today on the carpet. Now, this is after he's been outside about 20 times already today. I was a little grumpy bout it. Well, at least I was already cleaning the carpets. I have mostly everything in the house washed. I need to wash another sleeping bag that smells like dirt. Then I think I'm all caught up with laundry. I need to clean my fridge out and clean the middle room.
I washed everything in my room. It's very very clean and sparkling :D well, my room doesn't really sparkle but ya know....the eyes that are watching you can see a little more clearly....
My body is tired, it feels so late and it is only 9:15.......I'm gonna finish the rest of my laundry and get ready for bed. It's nice to have the extra sleep once and again eh?
I wish I had a live-in masseuse to rub my back when ever I wanted. That would rock! Ah....well....anyways...done day dreaming....going to do a few more things and go to sleep..........ta ta and have a good one...where ever you are chillin' tonight.
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