Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, Tuesday again. I came home a little early today....just feeling a little blahish....cold and tired and a little achey....time for some more vit c and zinc. I really really really don't like this time of year....sickness is just another reason to not like it.....there are far too many germs around here.
I wish I felt better, I'd like to go to Genie Stan's Tai Chi Master class tonight at the studio....she's one awesome lady! I aspire to be like her when I'm older. Her beauty just shines through always and with great magnatude...you don't find very many women like that in life....I'm lucky to know quite a few though.
And then.....there are the people who like to drag everyone around them down with them....Goats! I can't stand that! Here's one simple rule in life that will get you further than any other......HAPPINESS COMES FROM WITHIN....and most times....YOU have to create it. It's not some magical thing that gets you out of nowhere....if more people understood that, we'd have a much nicer society I think.
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Jesse Mendez said...

I love that Four WArhol look!