Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baby it's cold outside...

It really is perfect weather to work outside though. I need to put some time in this weekend.....oh schnap I just remembered I have some phone calls to make....ok, took care of business....woot :D Life is good. I have a booth ready to go for the craft fair this weekend. I need to get a move on and get some more stuff done :D YAY! I get excited about the strangest things sometimes....oooooh I need to call Jenny foo foo and let her know what's shakin'. No answer....damn. My little muttly is pooped, he's really into playing and wreaking havoc. He's got my house all torn up....he's like having 10 little kids. I need to get a freakin' move on for the day :D YAY.Ta ta and have a super day...where ever you're may be.
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