Thursday, October 23, 2008


I got almost completely caught up on my work today....I'm so very happy about that....I need to go in tomorrow for a couple of hours and get statements out. I've also got a few errands to run tomorrow. Have to go to the thrift store....look for something for Mark for the party. The thrift store is always the best place to start. They just have the weirdest it!
I'm almost done with the scarf I started this morning. I'm trying new patterns. I'm getting bored with just plain old scarves. Now they're getting more intricate and I'm going to have to learn some new stuff here soon or I'm going to get bored with it completely. I need to get smaller needles. I want to make socks and smaller things :D
Ok, time to go....need to work on the scarf while it's quiet :D Have a generally nice evening...where ever you are tonight.
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