Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Night

Today was long...I was pretty busy at work today....the way I like it of I am trying to finish the leg warmers and I'm felting a project as I speak...then I have to go get the Bug in about 15 minutes....long days...long days....
I talk on the phone too much....I need a headset, I'm developing a problem with my neck because I always hold the phone on my shoulder, usually because I'm working on something while I'm talking to people.
Well, I still have Morticus also, I'm gonna take some photos of him tonight....I hope he doesn't bite me...that would suck...I've been trying to fit time in for him for two days, but I always seem to run out of it before I leave for work....he likes to eat moths and he ate a fly last night. Ah well....tomorrow is release day....poor spider...I will miss him even though he gave me weird dreams last night.
Well, I'm off to pick my kiddo up from dance then I will come home and finish my projects and probably start a new one. Ta ta and have a beautiful evening where ever you may be....
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Jesse Mendez said...

Hi I got up at 5:30 walked to work and finished my shift, came home and showered freshened up, walked to night school, came home spoke to my sponsor, looked at your other site and am leaving a warm note.

I am so glad you have a cool blog, it is definitely a muse of mine. I love the collages the colors are giving me a heart murmur. You are a beautiful person my friend, thanks for becoming that for me.

Sometime we should work on an art project. Okay, take care and good night.