Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have ink under my fingernails from trying to refill the stamper yesterday :D So my nails are lookin' pretty this day.
It was really dark when I woke up today. I went to bed early last night. I need to start going to bed early again....but then I'll just get up all early and either way, I'm still getting the same amount of sleep....so maybe I won't.
Well, today is looking up so far...I'm going to try and get a bunch done today. Yesterday was an interesting day. Some Mondays are just weird. I got a lot done and today should be slightly busier. We have halloween parties all week long. It's fun to see all the costumes, last year we had a little curious george who was so cute :D
Ah, well...I should get a move on...have a great day today...where ever you're at.....
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Mommy2SerenityL said...

I love Halloween! Miss Serenity is now going to be a kitty.. mostly because I got the $25 costume for free at Old Navy this past weekend. I love being a bargain shopping. I am really really learning new ways to save money.

I am working on Caeden's 3-6 wardrobe.. and I haven't spent more than $3 an article of clothing.. and I have been to like Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree!! I LOVE it.. plus i sell everything back on Ebay to fund part of the next wardrobe! SOrry.. rambling!