Thursday, October 2, 2008


I love Thursdays! Thursday means I get a day off tomorrow....which in reality I don't....It's just time to catch up with my personal stuff that I didn't deem important during the week. That and Bug has to work tomorrow for like one hour :D which blows, but is good for her I suppose.
I over slept this morning again....which means maybe I should go to bed early tonight...which is something I just can't seem to do...
Well, Bug should have her dress back today! Wooot! I can't wait to take photos!!!!!She's gonna look so pretty! I'm excited for her! She's really excited about it.
The quail are all walking through the yard....and of course my camera is in the vehicle and not in the house.....I suck :D
Well, have a wonderful day....where ever you are.
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