Monday, October 27, 2008

Spread The Wealth

Now, I, the monitarily impaired individual that I am, donate when I can. I really do. I don't deny people money that ask for it....don't even think about it...I'm talking about homeless, etc. I'm all for feeding everyone on earth. I don't think in this day and age a single person should ever suffer the fate of starvation. But then again I also don't believe that I should have to support other human beings who have the opportunity to make something of themselves, but feel they should not have to work as hard at it as what I have....and don't get me so called "struggling" is nothing compared to what most people on earth have suffered...I don't feel like I have had a horrible life to date. I've had all the opportunity in the world to be all that I can be, just like EVERY other citizen in this great country. I don't feel that my meager "wealth" should be spread around. Struggle makes a person stronger. We are all born equal...we all remain equal as far as being a's all in what you WANT and how much you're willing to put into life that determines your monitary future. Some people will always have more money and some people won't have as much. And some people like me just don't give a shit about it...because I realize that money will never make you happy. It will never give you love. It might make you more comfortable, which tends to lead to laziness.
The problem is, is that people are greedy and lazy. They want things and they don't want to have to work for it and Obama's plan fits in with their ideal for life. Some people just don't want to work hard in life. And if you're this kind of lazy human being...then you should definately vote for Obama.


Mommy2SerenityL said...

Darn.. we voted for Obama.

auroraheidialis said...

It's ok, we all make mistakes sometimes :D LOL Love ya!