Saturday, October 18, 2008

Renn Faire

Well, today was most fun! All the dancers did a great job!!!!! Bug did a great job! I'm happy for them all :D They are just the best group of kids :D
It was beautiful today too!!!! I love when that happens. It's either hot as hell or freezing cold this time of year, today was perfect though.
Bug is feeling a little under the weather still, she's been resting since we got home.
Goats half the vendors there had nag champtha or however you spell the stuff. I like the smell, but it gives me horrible migraines....I tried to stay away from it as much as possible but I have a slight headache still from it.
I love Renn's grown every year since it started and just keeps getting cooler vendors every year. Two of the vendors had some excellent tie-dyes....
I miss Tie-dye from Portersville, he makes the absolute best ones won't find any cooler I'm telling you.
Well, I'm gonna go....Hope you have a groovy night...where ever your hangin around....
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