Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rainy Day

I don't like rain....well, I do if it's warm...but that rarely happens....this cold shit sucks! It makes me sleepy and grumpy...I just want to crawl in bed and wait till the sun comes back out but I can't...I'm about to clean my house. It's trashed. I can't believe how bad it is....I can't rest sitting in this mess.
Well, Bug went to her friends house to get ready, so I have no photos yet....She's going to be so freakin' beautiful tonight!!!! She's very happy to be little princess is so very much almost grown.....well that's debatable sometimes ;)
I need to go see Diana and drop off the disk....damn it's been a week....I suck sometimes....
I spilled my freakin' Rock Star all over my desk this woke me up....just not the way I wanted it to.....then I locked my keys in the truck at, fun....ah's all good, Mark saved the day and got it open...
Well....I'm putting off like the best of em'...but alas, the time has come....time to get cleaning...ta ta for now and have a good evening where ever you are.
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Jesse Mendez said...

Hi how are you? I like your blog and would like to become friends are you up to it?
Come and visit my site sometime, and please comment. If you do, I will do the same thanks,
and take care.

auroraheidialis said...

Nice....glad to meet you....will be following along...