Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Parenting 101

Some people should just never have children eh? I'm wondering why these people do, well I know why, they don't give a flying f@ck to begin with so no birth control, then they think it's fun or what not and by the time they realize they didn't want the child they in their sick twisted minds decide they don't want the embarassment of giving the child away or they want the money from child support or from the state so why get rid of them....why not just keep them and f@ck them up for life by taking all your anger and resentment on them.
I'm tired of parents who are this way. I'm so very tired of seeing and hearing about neglected children. I'm too the point where I would love to get my hands on some of these pieces of shit and tear them apart....
I'm tired of self-centered individuals who don't realize that you should put your children first instead of last....It doesn't matter how you grew up either, people know right from wrong and they also know there is free help out there for them. But they choose to live a life filled with hate and neglect because it's easier than being a good parent.
Obviously the system we have in place does not work anymore (if it ever did), we've got kids starving to death and being murdered and horribly abused and nothing is being done. Why does no one care about these kids? They are our future, seriously, why does no one care? People will when they're confronted with a psychotic individual who has nothing but hate in his/her heart because no one ever gave a shit before.
Ok, I've vented.....I'm slightly calmer now....I've been thinking about fostering kids when Bug goes to college. I think I would enjoy that immensely. I love kids...and there are just a ton who need a safe place to be and I can provide it. We shall see what the future brings.
I'm gonna clean my bedroom now and then I'm going to knit some stuff. I got a space on the showcase on Etsy on make sure you check it out!!!!!! So I'm needing to finish my latest creation and going to make a few more hopefully before then! Well, ta ta....and cherish your children where ever you may be tonight....
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