Monday, October 6, 2008


I'm a big fan of's a whole new start....and a whole new internet was a little funky this weekend...but it's back, better than before now! I sold some stuff today!!! Very nice, I'm excited. I love when people buy my me a warm fuzzy feeling :D
I'm making something now. But it is for someone so I will not say what it is right now...but I'm excited because the last attempt to make this project failed miserably...I got bored with it and ended up not finishing it....but this time is different...I'm excited about it and have been working my way up to being able to do the stitches. Yay!!!!
I'm talking to one of my friends....she just had a new baby!!! YAY!!!!! Bug and I are going to go visit them tomorrow! Woot!!! OK, well I have work to ta ta and have a good night where ever you are!!!!
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