Sunday, October 26, 2008


I love this place we were was so very peaceful and serene. It makes me happy looking at the photo. I have thousands of photos I like looking at all of's amazing how a photograph can bring back memories so very vividly....
I can hear the water flowing in this picture and remember the temperature and how earthy it smelled...I hope I'm lucky enough to make it to old age...I have so many memories to keep me company for when I'm old and grey and rocking in a chair somewhere cozy....with my pigtails! Oh yeah...Bug says that all old ladys should have short curly funny colored hair...I just can't see me like that LOL...I'm definately thinking pigtails ;)
Bear and I went for a walk tonight. He's ok on the leash as long as he thinks he's not being led. When he figures out he is he just stops abruptly and squirms like a freak. He played on the edge of the river...he's a shy kind of timid little dude. He would stop and hide behind me when he saw people. He's very cautious about people. He did let some lady love on him for a minute. He is growing quickly. He's gonna be a horse I think.
Well....I should get ready for sleep. Need to do a little more laundry first's never ending blah blah shtuff....have a memorable evening where ever you may be tonight ;)
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