Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I slept in today like a mo fo...I had a smashing headache last's still there slightly but no where near as painful as before....I hate headaches, I don't get them very often thank God!
I have a bunch to do today, here's to hoping it will all be done by the time I arrive home tonight!!!!
I bought more yarn yesterday. I am making some tiny legwarmers....hopefully they will work. They are easier than I thought, but I always think that....I just have to get what I'm doing into my mind....
The things I want to remember...usually float away on a memoric breeze while the stuff that no one cares about is sucked in and remembered forever....what the hell is that about? I used to be horrible about remembering things, and while it's gotten slightly better....I still wonder why do I have all this useless information in my brain? Is it really there for a reason? And if so, why don't I know it yet, maybe I need more info to really be able to do something with it.
Bug is actually doing her schoolwork without me having to say anything....I love days like these...she even asked for help! Subcutaneous.......She's working on the human anatomy....I will have to scan her pics she made :D, her art lies in her body, the movement, expression she's capable of amazes me! Her artwork on the other hand....while not bad, she just somehow has the nack of cartoonifying everything in her own way....her skin bisections are actually pretty funny :D OH, speaking of her abilities, just wait....her new solo dance that Judy is choreographing is amazing!!!!! I will take some photos of her the next time they work on it.
Well, I should go, have to finish some projects before we head to the studio. I hope everyone has a wonderful day....ta ta!
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Jesse Mendez said...

I seem to be making friends here in blogger who are just as busy as I am.

I am also glad you are sleeping better. I probably spent the better part of my 34 years in life not sleeping well.

As you know, or may not, I am in recovery from alcohol. I have received a lot of inspiration. Art for example is new to me, fortunately, I am good at it, at least in my own head.

Blogging is what it is. A great place to dump and not worry about who reads it. We write what we need to say to ourselves and sometimes, we receive messages.

I hope you will have a blessed day tomorrow, but if it never comes... remember that it was a pleasure making you my friend.