Friday, October 10, 2008

Light through the darkness

I see, therefore I am.
I love the simple things in life. I like being able to create feel it, to see it, smell it, to be part of whatever I'm creating. I made a cool felted bowl last night....I will put some pics up when it is completely dry. I love how the texture changes so much and the colors blend smoothly.
My strongest sense is my vision....I love looking at things....feeling the texture and color with my eyes, absorbing it and cataloging it away in my brain for later remembrances and comparisons.
Well, I'm gonna get a move on and clean the house up....wooot....not.
Have a groovy day where ever your taking up space today ;D
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Jesse Mendez said...

So sooo beautiful those carefully arranged words. Almost sending me directly there, in that space, in that moment, where the texture and light... and noise of silence exist... where we find ourselves listening for the next second, and discovering a new idea.

I hope your adventures continue to touch your soul and obviously your heart. I appreciate that inner beauty, Your friend,