Friday, October 3, 2008


Fridays always go by entirely too fast....I have a ton to do and not enough me or time to do it :D
My desk looks like a small war has been fought on bedroom is covered in yarn and paper....I'm the sloppiest artist ever I do believe.
The Bug has to work tonight so that cuts my day short also....I'm needing to get this place cleaned before I do anymore work. I can not work with all this clutter around me....
Ok, so I should be worried right? I let my kiddo go to the school parade/bonfire last night and instead of watching the parade....she gets invited to ride on the float......with the army dudes......and football players....I should be worried eh? I think I'll clean my gun today also ;D ok I'm off for now....have a groovy day....where ever you may be :D
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