Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Monday....I think I'm gonna

....kick some ass....YEAH! I can't wait to go to work today. I love Mondays. I've got a few things to do....make some changes to the website and a few other things. I rolled on my doggy last night. I didn't know he was in bed with me and I rolled over and he freaked out! Poor little dude. He went to bed with Bug.....he's lucky I'm a light sleeper otherwise he'd be dead now. Well, it's kind of hard to sleep with a puppy yelping in your back and squirming like a freak....poor poor doggy :D He is fine now. That woke him up for good I think. He was chewing my hair and hands for a while and then he had to go outside, then he chewed some more things and stole one of my socks. He's a turd!
OK, well, I'm going to get the rest of the laundry done and scrub the kitchen floor, it is nasty. I need to clean the truck out also. It is in dire need of some care. do the day....have a nice day...where ever you're at today :D
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