Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Insulting to me & my fellow PAians

I'm still very irritated with John Murtha's remarks....What a piece of work he is....a life long money grubbing politician who thinks he knows the people of western PA. He says that they are racist...oh no wait, now we're rednecks.
If you'll look at his page he has THE token black person on it. Where he lives is mostly white. Get real. He is a big, fat, white, power-hungry, money grubbing, good old boy politician who has added just a little more sensationalism to this already overwhelmingly nauseating campaign.
Besides that, he has insulted my people! I hope that the people of Pennsylvania will wake up and see this old fart for what he really is. A disgrace to our state and government. He's trying to divide people of the state further with racial allegations about people he knows nothing about. He's trying to turn this election into an issue over race in the state of Pennsylvania by making a callous statement. Like a typical democrat always blaming someone for doing something wrong when things get tough. F'n whiners. You know what John Murtha, I'm white and I'm proud of it....and I'm also proud of all the brown, black, yellow, tan, or what ever color other people's skin is too. We are after all the human race, all of us unique and individual. My reasons for not wanting Obama for president have nothing to do with his skin color and you should not assume and speak out loud publicly that it is.
Well, now that I've made my point. I must get going and finish some things before I leave for work. Ta ta and have a supercalifragilisticexpialiwednesday.
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