Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I hate fall

Just for the simple fact that fall means summer is over....maybe I'd like it more if it were before summer????
I need to go set Morticus free and take some photos of him...although he seems pretty content and warm...He might get pissy when I put him on the cold ground....My neighbors will probably wonder what the hell I'm doing if they see me crawling around on the ground with a camera...LOL...I suppose that would be a better sight than me flailing around trying to get the ants off me....by the way...I'm uber-proud that I was not stung this summer......YAY...no death for me :D
Jen's kids are coming over this weekend....this should be interesting....I'm excited anyways....and I'm sure Jen is too! We will have fun....I'm going to set the tent up in the living room and we're going to have a camp out....good times eh?!!! We'll bbq on the porch and live it up!!!!
Well, I'd better get going if I want to get everything done....ta ta and have a super day....where ever you are!!!!!!!
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Mommy2SerenityL said...

I have no idea.. she is not your typical 2 year old.. tall and skinny.. she seriously weighs 23 lbs!

earth and sun folk said...

me excited about this weekend? frick yeah! you rock!!!

and yes..let the icky spider free!