Sunday, October 19, 2008

How much the government owns me...the naughty little slave that I am...

I am taxed 1/7 of my pay check....Then I pay my bills, out of which I'm taxed another 7% (oh and don't forget that on my meager income when I pay my phone bill...I have to pay for people who don't work to have a phone) of my income....then I travel to the grocery store to get neccessities and I'm taxed another 7% then my state taxes ( which aren't so bad in New Mexico unless you own a small business, then your fucked) Ok, so now I'm down 3/4 to 2/3 of my original income...the government owns that much of me...and I'm lucky I already own a place which I pay taxes on also....take another small chunk of change there...Oh, and don't forget about your cars too. Now if you own a home that was bailed out by the government....They now own over half of your life and income....if you live in an area that has a school tax and if your kids go to public school they own 3/4 of your life....and if you think they aren't influencing your children you're stupid.
Why wasn't the public involved in the bail out talks? Do you realize that what they did is called a monopoly? And don't give me a bullshit excuse like millions of people would lose money...Cause guess what? They did, but the executives didn't lose much now did they or they wouldn't be living it up right now would they? And besides that, that's a chance you take when you invest....didn't we learn that in 9th grade government class? Government owned housing? Ask the chinese how they feel about government housing.......they won't answer you because their government does not allow it.
We need to wake up and smell the stinks like old rich ass and it's not getting any better.
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