Friday, October 24, 2008

having fun with make up

I was mortified when my mother MADE me buy make wouldn't have been so bad, but the bra came at the same time....I still think of it and giggle now....wearing blue eyeshadow....oh the fun! It wasn't long after I started wearing make up that I kind of let my imagination take over and became me :D an ode to my mother.....I still love playing with my make up and trying new things to this day....even though I was not a girly girl and still really am not, I love the feminine aspect of it all....make up transforms me into a different me every time I put it on. It depends on my mood for the day....Sometimes I don't wear any and people are shocked :D it's amazing what make-up can do for a person. Gotta love I'm gonna go wash it off and go to bed :D
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