Friday, October 31, 2008


I love Halloween, what a fun day! And it's my day off, so I'm excited about that. The only thing that scares me this day is the election in a few days.....It doesn't have to be a scary choice to vote though, you can vote for anyone....but if you vote green, independent (which I love them) but they don't have a chance because of the biased media. Or you can stand up for what's good in this world. The McCain-Palin ticket is a good way to go, now I'm really not a big fan of Palin, She has done a lot of good, but just appears sneaky to me. And I wouldn't vote for her just because she's a woman either. I believe that our President (the Commander in Chief) ~ should have military experience....because he's the commander in chief of our armed know the dudes that protect us and other human beings around the world...McCain has been of service to our country for so long and he's smart, he knows the right way to go about helping solve the problem with terrorist nations.
Obama is a socialists, he clearly states it in his policies, and I have a feeling if more people realized that what he is telling everyone directly implies that he's a socialist, they wouldn't vote for him. Just listen to his Joe Plumber video, listen to his interviews, he wants to make us a welfare nation, he wants everyone to be equal monitarily, well so did Joseph Stalin. Just brush up on world history today....don't be blinded by the idea of a check coming your you did not earn. Money our country can't afford to lose right now. Don't be blinded by his promises to make your life easier. Just read up on his history and friends and policies and you will see that I'm not lying, not making up falsehoods. My adgenda here, today, is to promote a free America, not to live in a socialist society. Hopefully you will not believe what you see on television, go online look up interviews, videos, check out some history and think twice before you vote
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