Monday, October 27, 2008

The growing Bear

He's almost twice the size he was when we got him. He can no longer lay on my lap in the car, he's too big. I need to get him a seatbelt. He ought to just love that....not...he's discovered that he likes the air from the window. I like coming home to a dog. All they want is petted and they're always happy to see you and dinner is easy for them :) LOL! I think every time he falls asleep he grows another 1/4 inch.
Bug is mad at me, I took her phone off of her because she had it in class. I do believe she called me a bitch...the little shit....I'm not sure where I've put her phone will have to remain lost for a bit....because I am a bitch HAHA!
Ah...well, I have to go get the turd in a couple of minutes so I will go for now. Ta ta and have a super evening where ever ya be tonight.
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