Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today should be a fun one :D There are some great costumes so far this year. I love Halloween. I love to dress like a freak anyways so it's fun when people find it acceptable LOL :DWell, Bear ate the home phone cord last night....I need to take him outside in a moment and get him some exercise, he's really chubby...I don't think he does much while I'm gone, but today I will find out :D I'm gonna set up the camera on motion and see what he does while we're gone :D It should be fun to see. I am positive now that every time he sleeps he grows...he's way bigger this morning than last night. I'm not lying :D I will post a pic later tonight.

He's gonna be a monster and he's definately part German Shepard, he tries to get my legs everytime we walk, one of these blogs is gonna be about me getting fucked up by my dog tripping me....I'm almost sure of that too. Ah well, if it happens remind me that I should have known better :DWell, I should get a move on, my phone is completely dead and I need to get to work and get some stuff taken care of. Have a SUPER day where ever you're being a freak ;)

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