Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Family Member

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He's tired and sleeping on my lap now...I will take some pics of my new kiddo....We named him bear....he looks like a bear :D I still miss my Bud & Sunny, they were such good dogs. I've been depressed since Sunny died and I wasn't going to get another one...it's so very hard to watch them grow old and frail :( I didn't want to put her to sleep after we put Bud to sleep I was devastated and I could not bear the thought of doing the same to Sunny. In hindsight I should not have been so selfish...I hope we have Bear around for a long time like Bud and Sunny...he's going to be a big guy! Half Lab/Half German Shepard...big and furry! I will post some pics tomorrow :D YAY!!!!

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